The TechTV Guys

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So the girls of techtv did some really hot pictures for the fans. My question is, “Where are the really hot pictures of the guys?” I’m just saying that it would be nice to objectify the men too. They are practically perfect: smart, sarcastic, pasty, witty, nerdy, gadgety…I could keep going here. I, and I know I am not the only girl out here like this, like a man with a computer and a brain. Guys that get excited while looking for webhosts that support .net. I mean, that’s cute. I like a guy that has read more that 2 books in his life. And dry wit is always endearing. Well usually. Unless it is directed at me. Which happens a lot. But I still like the techie guy. They always have great boyish grins that tug at my heart. I just can’t help but fall for them.

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