I Can’t Stand It

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It’s been driving me mad.  Really.  I haven’t been able to blog due to being very upset about TechTV.  I just don’t know what I am going to do without it.  I know, I kinda moaned and griped about being a geek.  But, I really love those folks and I love all the tech, computers, and gadgets.  I don’t want to loose them to some horrible big corporation like Comcast and see them run into the ground as G4TehcTV.  Not the same.techtv

No Leo.  Yea, I know.  You can’t do a tech channel without Leo.  Impossible.  He’s just great.  I thought I was sad when Kate, Jim, Sumi, and Michaela left, but now I may loose all of them.  We don’t know who is staying or how the shows will be reworked.  I love Adam.  I’m pretty sure he’s staying.  Kevin grew on me, he just needed to get use to the camera.  While I do like you Sarah, in my mind there is no replacement for Megan.  Dan, my foo foo Dan.  What will I do if I can’t email you all the time about random stuff like Led Zeppelin?  Well, what?  Marty, I have a secret…remember when you use to be the sub for TSS?  I thought you were so cute in your baggy sweaters sitting on the armrest of the couch.  I did.  Of course, I will miss my fave guest host Mr. Wil Wheaton.  My crush still lives.  Chris, Jessica, Stephanie, Cat, Morgan, Laura, Yoshi, the entire lab crew—I will miss you.

I lift my remote to you.  Cheers, I hope you all will stay on air.  I wait in antici

                pation for May 28th.  You have made my descent into geekdom enjoyable.


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