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So now you know, I’m a youngin. My ten year high school reunion is this June. I think Sam is the first one of my lost classmates to stop in and say hi. Granted, Nathan has visited, but he did’t find me on the high school website, so that doesn’t count. I wonder how Sam didn’t know I was weird?

Other than Sunday nights with Fr. Norbert, we didn’t see each other, did we? Nope. The last class I remember sharing with you, and I could be wrong because my brain doesn’t always work correctly, is Mr. Webb’s art class in third grade. I got in trouble for crawling across the classroom. In fact, he caught me when I was right behind you and he made some joke about Sam’s charms being irresistible to me. Heh. I remember being embarrassed and never crawling across the art room floor again.

Perhaps now would be a good time to remind the folks out there in the cortex who I was in school. I was the short, skinny girl with long hair that was always walking into columns and kicking doors open. I was the loud girl that was laughing hysterically for no apparent reason. I was in French Club, Latin Club, Band, M.Y.T.H., Y.E.S., Camp Fire, and other stuff that no one else cared about. I dressed up for every Spirit Day. Every one. I did. I played in the Pep Band at basketball games. I changed into my concert uniform on the bus—in front of everyone. I dated guys in band because guys outside of band had no idea I was a girl. Seems the last time anyone checked I was still the tomboy fighting Steven Gott on the playground and playing pickup soccer with the guys.

Most people remember me as the screw-up. The girl that was supposed to be in classes with Kenny, Stefanie, Michael, et al, but couldn’t keep her grades up so she was forgotten. Ah well. I barely graduated. I had to take night school. I bet you didn’t know that. I did everything with Susan—I miss you by the way. I dated Michael, if you can call it dating, on and off for how many years? Poor guy. I’m so sorry for putting you thru all that. I sang Rocky Horror songs with Aaron. I watched the premier of DS9 at Kenny’s house. I went out with Scott, and broke up with him even though he was the nicest guy I had ever dated. He was just so, unbelievable. No one cared about me like he did and I couldn’t understand it. I never ate lunch in the cafeteria. I formed the nation of Tapioca with Woody. I went to France with Susan and a whole bunch of people I didn’t know I could like. I ended up enjoying my time with them. Who knew Jeff and I could dance in a discothèque in southern France? Did anyone ever see Jeff and I talk once during school? My truck was always in the home coming parade. I was in the Miss Chick competition once…gawd that was awful, I’m still not sure how Annette talked me into that one. Ashley, Curt, Susan, Stefanie, and I went to a dance together, then we went bowling. Curt, I remember IZ. Alan, I remember our notes. Christy, Jody, and I shared a room in Kansas on the orchestra trip (I wasn’t in the orchestra). It was fun. I spent my mornings in the choir room. All those fun academic team bus rides. I quit in tenth grade so it could have gotten much better, dunno. I wrote poetry. I drew pictures. I somehow managed to have a threatening “Bitch!” written in my yearbook ever year. Who did I piss off? Anyway. I was there. I was a popular unknown. I was me. I was weird.

Whoa. That was long. So sorry folks. I guess this needed to free itself from my memory. I feel much better. Have a lovely day and thank you for flying with us this afternoon.

edit for MWP: I too have little to reason to go back. By the time I graduated, I had three people that were more than just hanging out friends. It was not a good experience for me. It wasn’t that I was in the wrong social wrung–okay it was that a bit I mean band? Latin club?–it was that I just didn’t build lasting relationships with those folks. Not a one. I talked to one person after high school. Now I don’t talk to any unless it’s by happenstance that we meet. I still don’t build lasting relationships. MWP, it’s not just movies and pez we have in common.

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