Top 5 Footballers of My Youth

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In honor of the surprising Liverpool win.
Zico : Brazil…He can read a field like no other.
Johan Cruyff : Holland…Total Football. I learned every position because of Johan.
Diego Maradona : Argentina…Who cares about the ‘hand of god’ when he can leave an entire team standing is his dust?
Pele : Brazil…Okay, so I didn’t actually get to see him play, but he was still a huge influence.
Franz Beckenbauer : Germany…Once again, I didn’t see a lot of his play, but I was a sweeper and he was the best sweeper in the world.
NB: I was a little kid. The NASL was bringing international football stars to our doorsteps. Go Roughnecks! (I was there before they won)…these are my childhood sports heroes.

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