5 Year Old with a hammer

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I was sitting here thinking about prop making versus buying a functioning real thing and it made me think back. Complete with one of those fuzzy flashback scenes from TV.

I was in kindergarten with the very awesome Mr. Hovis. He rocked. He let us catch snakes and collect fossils at the park. We made a working volcano model and even dissected a frog. How cool is that? Back to the flashback…

There were activity stations set up across the room. One was the building center. It had scraps of wood and blocks and hammers and nails and such. I remember making a wooden camera. I used a hammer and nails in my kindergarten classroom. I hammered a ‘lens’ onto the wood block.


The I went to the painting station and painted it.

The fuzziness returns me to reality and I write this.

Do you think a modern classroom would have a hammer in it?

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