Mythbusters and Alcohol – Mix It Up!

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myth5_1280x1024There are a few Mythbusters drinking games out there, but I’ve been inspired.  Not the least which reason is that I’ve recently watched the entire show from start to “Tree Catapult”.  I’ve noticed some patterns, and yes, as is my wont here on ManWithPez, I’ve drank while watching some of the episodes.  Bear in mind, I am not suggesting that you actually drink like this while watching Mythbusters.  But, it can lead to a great deal of fun/vomitting.  Ready?  Here we go, after the jump!

Following the exploits of Tory Bellici, Kari Byron, Jamie Hyneman, Grant Imahara, and Adam Savage while drunk may seem daunting, but you can do it!We’re going to lay it out like this.  The more common the occurence, the less amount of alcohol you have to drink.  Three categories, ranging from one drink, half your drink, and the whole damn thing based on the rarity of the phenomena.  Got that?  Good…let’s get started!


Take one drink if any of the following happens:

Grant builds a robot.

Adam refers to Jamie’s age or that he thinks Jamie came from outer space.

Tory gets hurt.

Adam gets hurt.

Kari paints something.

Adam paints something unnecessarily.

Something you’ve seen on Mythbusters before is reexplained.  Most likely candidates include ballistics mediums, mold casting, or Buster, the crash test dummy.

There’s a flashback due to a revisit, or reusing a rig used previously.

There’s a flashback of someone getting hurt.

A remote control rig fails to perform as expected.

A vehicle is in the episode with the term “Myth” as part of its name.  (Mythtanic, Mythbus, etc.)

There’s a shot of Adam Savage’s filthy, filthy hands. (I’ve met Adam Savage, and luckily he doesn’t always look like that.)

The Build Team is forced to act like an experiment has yielded the most amazing results ever, when it actually hasn’t. (Case in point:  Bamboo Ultralight from the MacGyver Special)

The Build Team has the obviously cooler myth to bust.

Completely useless (but fun) highspeed footage is used. (Example…Adam getting slapped in the face.)

Take a drink EVERY TIME an explosion is replayed throughout an episode.


Okay…you still conscious?  Oh, good.  Well, let’s move onto the next level.  These things don’t occur as much, but enough to warrant taking extra imbibation.  Ready?  Drink half your drink if the following occurs:

Jamie giggles.

Adam speaks in an annoying accent.  (Addendum.  Drink your entire drink if you cringed, muted the TV, or fast forwarded through said accent.)

Any time the Mythbusters seperate intros are changed.

Anytime Kari says “WOOOOOO!” like she’s at a bar.

Adam gets giggling drunk.

If a montage showing different injuries to Buster is shown.

Anytime anyone refers to something as “Buster” when it clearly isn’t the crash test dummy we all know and love.

If Kari is injured in some fashion offscreen.  Pregnancy counts as an injury in this case.

Adam abuses “Buster”, a Simul-Aid, or a ballistics dummy.  Drink 3/4 of your drink if it’s a casting of Grant Imahara.

Grant adds a human component to one of his robots. (In Dynamite Surfing, the paddlebot had his head…along those lines.)

Narrator Robert mispronounces something.

Adam rides the Segway.

Should the small scale experiment results fail…and they do the big build anyways.

Jessica appears in the episode.

Adam blows something up and calls it “science”.

Tory gets hurt AND IT’S NOT HIS FAULT.

Grant or Adam throws up.


If you’re still with us (and I doubt you are) drink your entire drink if the following occurs:

Jamie allows someone to touch his moustache.

Adam juggles something.

Grant gets hurt.

Tory paints…anything.

One of Grant’s robots does NOT act in the fashion it was supposed to. (The Turkey Drop rig destroying the plaster hands is an excellent example)

Jamie uses something in his shop for the purpose it was intended.

Kari looks like crap (Relax…it never happens.)

Scottie Chapman makes one of her surprise appearances.

Jamie gets hurt.  (This happens rarely, but when it does…it’s usually horrific!)

Adam curses at Jamie, or Jamie calls Adam a Big Baby.

Tory says something covertly passive agressive to Grant or Kari. (Watch Snow Plow of Death, and you might end up on the floor.  EVERYONE was pissed during that one.)

Footage of Grant acting frustrated or nervous with one of his rigs.

Jamie gets excited…ABOUT ANYTHING!

The experiment result is bafflingly counterintuitive (Mice and Elephants is an awesome example.)

Kari or Grant gets drunk.

Jamie gets drunk and ACTS LIKE IT!

If you gasped when they revealed in the Hangover Myths episode just how much it took to get Tory drunk.  (Drink your whole drink, you pansy!  Then get another one and drink it on principle!)


I think we’ll stop there for now.  I’ll add more as I think of them.  Like I said, I wouldn’t try to accomplish this all in one sitting, unless your aim is to bust the myth that throwing up is cool.  (Result:  It’s not.)  I think the show is fun enough on it’s own, but alcohol makes everything funner!  Seriously!  Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.  And, no, I won’t be hiding this fact from my children.  So, tank up, turn on the TV, and hope you pass out before you spew.  Good luck!

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