What the Hell, General Mills?!

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For a group of cereals that’s only available a couple of months out of the year, you’d think they’d stop coming up with ways to make it suck.  This is a bowl of Count Chocula…at one time, my most favoritest of cereals.  Notice anything missing?  That’s right…WHERE’S THE GODDAMN MARSHMALLOWS?!  Seriously, General Mills, don’t make me go Froot Broot on your ass. My wife is a big fan of Frankenberry, which was an even worse offender on the marshmallow front!  Also, it’s got blue marshmallows in it!  Blue marshmallows?  In a cereal whose most recognizable trait is its pink hue?

If I can only get your cereal around Halloween, then it should be at least HALF marshmallow!  I don’t even care if it boosts the cost up to $8/box.  I only get these cereals in September and October anyways.

HALF!  You hearin’ me General Mills?  HALF!!!

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