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serenity2There are times we miss films. Perhaps they’re released before our time. Sometimes their marketing passes us by. Then there are the movies we choose to skip because of genre, director, or actor preconceptions. It is our goal with Find That Film podcast to give you the chance to see a movie you didn’t know you missed. Let us persuade you.

This first episode highlights the much loved Joss Whedon movie Serenity. Released September 30, 2005, Serenity just barely broke even at the box office (it has since made a tidy sum in DVDs). The movie going public stayed home either because that was the thing to do that year or because they didn’t know about the movie. It’s a classic tale of family overcoming the enemy, if they can figure out just who that is. The movie is a continuation of the short-lived TV series “Firefly” starring Nathan Fillion.

5 comments on “Find That Film: Serenity

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  3. Karel

    “…I don’t disagree on any particular point…” Surprised, surprise.

    Serenity had too much story crammed in with re-iteration for the uninitiated. Other than that, MAGIC. I really don’t remember much from the first viewing. I was just shaking and wondering what had just happened. By the third or fourth viewing, I think I had finally taken it all in. We’re still going to CSTS most every year, both Tucson and Phoenix.


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