Ahhhhh, Monster Minifigs!

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lego monster minifigs I love Lego mini figures. In each and every store, I┬ásearch the aisles for their mini figure displays. It’s frustrating how few stores carry Minifigs, let alone the current series. Right now, if you hunt well, you can catch some monsters. They are amazing monsters.

I’ve purchased 10 15 so far and only duplicated two four (guess what will be in our kids’ Halloween kits). Not bad. I want them all!!! There’s a cheetah woman (found her!). I want her to fight my Wonder Woman fig. The best one! The Fly. Lego makes a Minifig of The Fly! I haven’t found it. Sigh. I will not stop.

I wanna be the very best, like┬áno one ever was…To catch them is my real test.

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