Backstage at the Bedroom

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Yes, this is a website written and dreamed by the husband/wife duo of ManWithPez and ThatWeirdGirl. Ninety percent of the articles here show the ManWithPez byline. No, I haven’t forgotten how to write…mostly. The fact is ManWithPez is a great writer. He’s our idea man. The creative. I’m not quite as quick on the keyboard. My wit is less biting and more eye-rolling. I’m okay with that. I like the eye roll. I live for the eye roll.

It’s likely you will read more from Pez than from me. If the site isn’t working well or you think I’ve stolen a graphic (which I haven’t, I create all the logos here) please let me know. I have no idea if I’ve worked out all the bugs for the site. In fact, I’m still building a bit of the site and my code is more than rusty.

Think of me as the stagehand and him as the talent.

1 comment on “Backstage at the Bedroom

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