Backstage at the Bedroom

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ThatWeirdGirl and I have talked about it, and we’re going to address the 800lb gorilla in the room.  Namely the fact that we have three children.  Human children, not gorillas.  Although sometimes I suspect…

Lets talk about the one you’ll see the most often:  Pippa. changing my diaper.  Make it so!

Engage…in changing my diaper. Make it so!

The reason that you’ll be seeing her more than the other two (Who we will get around to talking about whether they like it or not.  They’re too weird to ignore, really.) is that she lives with us.  She is the genetic product of ManWithPez and ThatWeirdGirl.  The other two, a boy and a girl, live with their biological mother in another state.  They are also teenagers, so I will have to discuss with them their level of involvement with TwoGeeksInBed, because, stereotypically, you know how teenagers are.  As far as Pippa goes, she never had a chance.  ThatWeirdGirl and I are not what you’d call orthodox parents, and it shows in our somewhat stubborn little girl.  While we are revealing her because she’ll turn up on the site here and there, we wanted to let everyone know that this site is NOT a parenting site and will not become so.  We are exceedingly proud of all our children, but this site is more about us and what we think.

So, here she is.  Pippa:  The little girl that appears in the pictures, will most likely be interrupting a podcast or two, and the only person whose diapers I currently change.

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