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I am an old man.  I’ve come to grips with that, and I’m totally okay with it.  What I’m not okay with is the fact that none of the MTVs show music videos anymore. Bring back Friday Night Videos on NBC, I say!  My favorite music videos to watch when I was a kid (MTV began when I was seven, after all) were the movie tie-ins.  This section of TwoGeeksInBed will be devoted to looking back at music videos, and while movie tie-ins will be the majority, they will by no means be the rule.

Lets start off with a song from one of my favorite soundtracks:  Streets of Fire (1984).  If my luck holds, this movie will be a potential Find That Film podcast.  Odin knows that ThatWeirdGirl and I have conjectured about it enough.  Enjoy the late Dan Hartman’s “I Can Dream About You”, used to great effect in the movie Streets of Fire.

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