Geek Drink of the Week: Pax

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It’s Friday Happy Hour!

I enjoy a good drink every now and then. This weekly feature will highlight themed potent potables and virgin varieties. Chosen for its connection to our Find That Film feature Serenity and its availability at our wedding bar: the Pax.Pax

2oz Vodka

1oz Sweetened lime juice

3/4 oz grenadine

Ginger Ale

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour the first three ingredients over the ice. Top with the ginger ale. Serve with a lime twist or a space monkey.

One of my favorite drinks is a Rickey (bourbon). The Pax has a vodka Rickey base for a nice kick. After a few glasses, most folks will want to lay down and stop what they’re doing. The grenadine and the ginger ale give just enough sweet to make you forget how strong it is. I must warn you, Pax has a negative side effect. About a tenth of a percent of the population will react poorly to the lime juice. They can’t handle the pucker and may become irritating.

Serve cautiously.

1 comment on “Geek Drink of the Week: Pax

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