Backstage At The Bedroom

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ThatWeirdGirl has been having a hard day.  We finally got TwoGeeksInBed off the ground, and now we’ve run into a huge problem.  Granted, it’s one of our own making.

One of the 99 problems.

One of the 99 problems.

ThatWeirdGirl wants to publish on the site, but Pippa refuses to allow it.  On top of all that, we have to watch the next Find That Film entry today, because we absolutely HAVE to record tomorrow.  I’m not saying that she’s the biggest problem we have right now, but my wife has a black eye, and the little girl you see above is partially to blame*.  It’s like she knows exactly what we need to do, and then adjusts all her behavior to be as contrary possible.  She’s lucky we love her so much.  …lucky…

*Pippa hopped out of ThatWeirdGirl’s arms and ThatWeirdGirl made a grab for her.  Injury ensued.  Everyone is okay.

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