Global James Bond Day

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October 5, 2012 kicked off a Global James Bond Day from Eon Productions, and it looks like they’re trying to keep the tradition going.  I have been, and am, a huge fan of this film franchise that I think just keeps getting better and better!

Women, booze, bullets...Imagine how much this group has been through?!

Women, booze, bullets…Imagine how much this group has been through?!

So, keep in mind that very soon there are going to be a series of James Bond related articles here, but you can relax;  it will be just as fluffy as everything else we do around here.  Also, while I think ThatWeirdGirl likes the Bond movies, she’s not on my level of rabidity.  She may have a point of two to make about some of the things I’ve got to say about everyone’s favorite womanizer/secret agent/borderline alcoholic/murder machine.

And have a happy Global Bond Day.

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