Hot Nerd Crush: Sean Astin

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Sean Astin Goonies

Mikey had heart…and asthma.

Females of my generation grew up with a fantastic slate of males to crush on. There was Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Randall Batinkoff, Robert Sean Leonard, the Coreys (hey, we didn’t know then what we know now), and many many more dimple-cheeked, crooked-smile hunks. Chief among these was and still is Sean Astin.

Sean Astin toy soldier

Showers are strictly forbidden for hostages.

Sean is Hollywood royalty by birthright. As the son of Patty Duke and raised by John Astin, there was really only one thing for him to become: Amazing. As a Goonie he proved dorks could be adorable. As a military school tough kid, he stood with and for his friends’ lives. He taught everyone about heart as Rudy. He went head to head with Earth’s greatest hero Kevin Bacon as they traversed rapids. Sean acts, directs, writes, earns Oscar nominations, runs marathons; he does everything.

Our kids pretty much only know him as the hero Samwise Gamgee. Introduce the children of today to his filmography. Tell the world Sean Astin rocks your socks.

Then watch Con Man.

Samwise doesn't need liquid courage.

Samwise doesn’t need liquid courage.


1 comment on “Hot Nerd Crush: Sean Astin

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