Bondwatch: Writing’s On The Wall

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The new Bond theme from SPECTRE by Sam Smith, and prophetic words, given the mess that Daniel Craig has been talking lately.  I don’t blame the guy, really.  He’s never liked doing press for any of his movies, Bond movies are notoriously hard on their stars, and their private lives are obliterated by the fame of being James Bond.

Then there’s this song.  It’s not like any Bond song ever written.  I quite like it.  There are far too many people out there comparing it to Skyfall, and to what end?  They’re both great songs, but Skyfall has an edge only because we know what it looks like when paired with the actual movie!  Give Writing’s On the Wall a chance, people!  Everybody talked shit about Daniel Craig before Casino Royale came out, and everybody had to eat a lot of their own words.  There’s no need to revolt whenever anything new is added to the mix!

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