Geek Fashion Friday: The Right Shirt For The Right Job

I am not what you’d call a fashion plate by trade.  I will say (and in the most pretentious way possible) that I do tire of going to the theatre and commoners in their blue…jeans.

Cromwell and Sons Texture French Cuff Shirt


I’m kidding.  I would like for people to look their best, and even then I don’t want their wallets to be so deflated that they look good with nowhere to go.  To that end, I’m suggesting a french cuffed, textured shirt.  A Cromwell & Sons shirt, to be precise, that can be obtained at Macy’s online for around $22.  Now, that might sound cheap, but I have one of these shirts and they’re made from heavy fabric and the texturing is pretty cool looking. It’s a pretty versatile shirt that people do notice.  And, the real upside of owning a french cuff shirt is that you get to use CUFFLINKS!


Join the dark side of fashion.

Since this entry is mostly about the shirt, I won’t belabor the cufflinks.  Mostly because I will probably write at length about them in the future.  For the time being, however, I would like to post a photo of these Darth Vader action cufflinks from Not the least which reason is because I want a set!
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