Big Build: Green Lantern vs Sinestro

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001I do love my LEGO, and this set a little more than some, and not the least which reason is because it’s a spaceship, Spaceship!, SPACESHIP!!!  The best part of this set is that it comes with a Sinestro minifig.  Unfortunately is also comes with a Batman variant, one of about 1,254,679.

14567600620_54570e2285_kA word of caution about the ship.  All LEGO sets that come with some sort of projectile have a warning, but this is the first set I ever assembled that ever really needed it!  I pushed the button on it the first time and shot straight into a light fixture which such a commotion that I was afraid that I’d caused permanent damage to the electrical systems of my house!  This spaceship is wound as tight as Benny’s passions concerning spaceships!

The Green Lantern vs Sinestro set is available at Amazon and most toy section/stores.

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