Geek Fashion Friday: The Cardigans

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Not THOSE cardigans.  The sweater!  The shawl neck cardigan sweater has gotten away from being the domain of Fred Rogers and is making a big comeback.  Not the least which reason because they are so damn versatile.  They are warm, but you can wear one as a jacket, around the house, dress it up with a tie.  Roll it up with your shirt sleeves, and hey!  You don’t look like a bum who just wants to be warm around the house, nor do you look like a television children’s educator!  In fact, look whose been wearing these damn things lately!

Sweater...Cardigan Sweater

Sweater…Cardigan Sweater

JC Penney is offering a black and gray version of the shawl neck cardigan sweater from Claiborne that’s pretty fine looking and pretty inexpensive.  I promise, you’ll only feel like an old person for a very short time!


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