Hot Nerd Crush: Brandon Routh

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He’s almost too handsome.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Hot Nerd Crush!

Superman Returns may not have been a home run, but Brandon Routh was a great Superman. I feel like he gets overlooked because of the problems with the film. That’s a shame.  He was a childhood fan, comics reader, movie watcher, and lunchbox carrier: he was born to play the role.

Brandon loves meeting fans and being their Superman. No grumbling*. No regrets and is still glad he got the chance to be Clark Kent.

Brandon isn’t just shoulders and capes. He went up against Zachary Levi as the bad guy in Chuck. What else? There was the standard soap opera stint, vegan super-ex in Scott Pilgrim, testing his range on Partners, and his recent return to DC superhero status as Ray Palmer aka The Atom. Even though the writers changed Ray Palmer a bit, Brandon took the time to catch up on all the comics and storylines. Also, he didn’t deserve to be jello-ed by Felicity. Don’t get me started on Felicity.

Ray Palmer checking the ATOM design.

Ray Palmer checking the ATOM design.

Watch this short from Tim Daly‘s web show (watch all of them). It’s pretty great.

Bonus: Brandon Routh knows his way around a couple of instruments. Sexy.

So we have piano/music, check; comic books, check; friendly, check; sense of humor, double check. Yeah, I’m satisfied with my crush this week.


*Brandon Routh graciously conceded the icon to Henry Cavill.

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