Hot Nerd Crush: Paget Brewster

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The sexiest “Reading Is Fundamental” PSA, EVER!!!

What can I say about Paget Brewster?  The truth is I don’t have to say anything!  She’s been on Community, Criminal Minds, and Friends, for God’s sake!  All that aside (and she really was the reason I watched Criminal Minds…well, her and Thomas Gibson, but that’s a different article), she’s the star of (along with future Hot Nerd Mancrush recipient Paul F. Tompkins) Beyond Belief on The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast, which is enough for anyone to be in love with her. Go back and listen to them.  They are more than worth your time!


What 100% class looks like.

Absolutely gorgeous, quick witted, funnier than all hell.  There’s no reason on earth I can think of for anyone to not be over the moon about her.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!  Just look!  Look at this video of her pronouncing names of various breeds of dog in character as Sadie Doyle, and tell me that you don’t want to both listen to or watch everything she’s ever been in! (And I can’t explain it, but I’ve watched this video about fifty times.  I laugh every time.)



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