Big Build: The DeLorean

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You can almost hear the Huey Lewis, can't you?

You can almost hear the Huey Lewis, can’t you?

If you’re going to get back in time, there’s only one way to do:  With a little style!  I got this LEGO set for Christmas a few years ago, and I’ve been very happy with, and not the least which reason is that it came with Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown minifigs!  Beyond that, (and you can still find this set if you look around) there are three versions of the LEGO Ideas DeLorean included in the set.  One for each film!

Be forewarned, however.  This set is hard to find.  Now that LEGO Dimensions is a…thing, Back to the Future LEGO is easier to find, if not a little more expensive.  Also, to say it is involved is being far too generous.  Between this and the LEGO Ectomobile I’ve nearly severed fingers and gone blind.

Worth it, though.

Happy October 21, 2015, everyone!

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