Hot Nerd Crush: Tony Todd

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CandymanWhen you have a crush the last thing you worry about is age. Tony Todd may be the same age as my father, but I don’t care. Would you turn from Harrison Ford? Patrick Stewart? No. Tony oozes awesomeness.

He stars in one of my favorite scary movies: Candyman. Oh, man, he’s perfect in the role. Tony  is more than an horror icon. He’s a Star Trek star too. I give you Kurn, Worf’s younger brother. But wait, there’s more! He plays a very moving future Jake Sisko as well.Tony Todd as Kurn

Tony Todd has hit all genres. You have Action Tony on The Rock, National Security Tony in Chuck, Sci-Fi Tony in Stargate SG-1, Serious Yet Fun Tony in Xena and Hercules, and Voice Master Tony in Young Justice, Brave & the Bold, Lego, etc…

He’s just, sigh, crush worthy.

1 comment on “Hot Nerd Crush: Tony Todd

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