Sex Criminals

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Sex Criminals

Written by:  Matt Fraction

Art by:  Chip Zdarsky

Published by:  Image (ongoing)

One of the many gorgeous covers to Sex Criminals

One of the many gorgeous covers to Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals can be said to be a lot of things:  Lewd, gross, engaging, likable, deplorable, criminally underrated, funny, thought-provoking, etc.  A lot of people have been talking about this book for a long time, and what I see a lot of reviewers fail to mention is that this book is a whole lot of fun.  If you care to believe that’s because its characters are engaging and likeable, even though they are almost all flawed and up to no good at some point.

Jon and Suzie are two ordinary people who find themselves in an extraordinary situation.  While sexual discovery for most people is a bizarrely awkward and confusing time, try adding in the fact that you freeze time whenever you have an orgasm!  What would you do when you discover you share this power with someone you are completely sexually attracted to?  If your answer is rob a bank, then you’re beginning to understand what is so fun about this premise.  Add to this the fact Jon and Suzie soon discover that they are not alone in this ability, and there is a secret sex police who struggles to keep people from abusing these abilities.  This book is one hell of a ride (HAHAHAHA!!!).

Who hasn't this happened to?

Who hasn’t this happened to?

The creators have an incredibly warped sense of humor, and in making Suzie and Jon relatable and likable they have made an atmosphere when the premise is not considered creepy or perverted, but amazing!  In watching the principal characters describe their sexual histories and likes and dislikes, they become real people who you genuinely root for not matter the endeavor.  All I can tell you is that you need to swallow (heh) some of your sensibilities and check it out.  In expanding the book beyond its first mentioned premise the larger universe of Sex Criminals has become something gigantic and worth of your time.

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