Geek Fashion Friday: The Necktie

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a0be1cd89209d690b05c4ed1a3e6dee1What do I know about fashion?  Nothing, really, and I’m okay with that.  All I’m trying to do with this weekly column is impart a starting point on where to find things that look good…or at least that my wife told me looked good, at an affordable price.

The necktie is a piece of menswear that I think everyone should have.  Now, I know that not everyone likes them, and personally, I prefer the bow tie because they’re simply out of your way and not hanging down like the necktie, but I think the necktie is a necessary evil.  Simply because they are what I like to call fashion shorthand.  Nothing says to the world that you are trying to look good for an occasion more than a well-tied, sharp-looking necktie.

I prefer solids in neckties, and in this, I’m afraid, I’m in the minority.  I do like some texture, though, so here’s a red textured tie from JC Penney’s Stafford collection that I think goes with just about everything.  Well, anything that a red tie will go with.  Pretty cheap at $35, but if you buy more than one at a time over there, they start dropping prices.  And unless someone is flipping your tie up to have a glance at the label (and they shouldn’t be doing that, ever) then no one will know that you’re wearing a cheap tie.

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