Hot Nerd Crush: Tracie Thoms

The first time I saw Tracie Thoms was in the Bryan Fuller delight Wonderfalls. She was perfect as the best friend and sane sounding board. Plus, she positively lit up the screen. That was hard to do in Wonderfalls because it was brimming with insanely pretty people. My second experience was Rent. Rent will never be one of my favorite shows, but you cannot deny the talent in that movie cast. Tracie knocked it out of the park.tracie thoms is mahandra

She’s done a lot of variety in her career. You probably know her best from Rent, Death

Tracie Thoms stars as Kat Miller on COLD CASE

Proof, and Cold Case. There’s an upcoming provocative webseries called Send Me starring Tracie, Steve Harper, Gabrielle Carteris, and Jasika Nicole (future crush). Keep an eye out for it. Tracie continues to work on stage; it’s her home. If you find yourself near a show (LA or NY or wherever) I encourage you to buy a ticket. You won’t be disappointed in her performance.

 Tracie Thoms is agent 355For me, she will always be Agent 355. Back in the aughts, there was an intriguing comic series, Y the Last Man, about the last man on earth. Why was he the only male survivor? Will the women of the world fight for him? How amazing is his personal guard Agent 355? Very. I heard Tracie the entire time I read the books. She’s my Agent 355 whether she knows it or not.

I have a secret wish. It’s kinda bizarre. If anyone reading this manages to make my wish come true, I won’t ask for money just a “thank you” at the end of the credits. I want Tracie Thoms to be Sho’nuff’s daughter. She would make a fantastic evil martial arts expert bent on avenging her father’s reputation. Tracie would do Juluis Carry proud.

Seek out Tracie’s work if you can. She’s worth it.

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