Geek Drink of the Week: Crystal Lake

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crystal lake1Happy Friday the 13th! Here’s a little drink we worked up to honor both fall and poor little Jason Voorhees. We very nearly created the Pamela Voorhees but opted for a less insane drink. We have another vodka based drink this week (I like vodka). The Midori and vodka make a lovely crystal green drink reminiscent of a camp lake. The cranberry juice and berries add a fun and demented touch of dead little Jason floating in the water. Too much? Eh, it’s the 13th, anything goes.

crystal lake2

Lock the doors and keep an ax handy if consuming Crystal Lake while playing strip Monopoly.

1 1/2 oz vodka

1 1/2 oz Midori or melon liqueur

4-6 cranberries

3-5 oz cranberry juice

1/2 tsp sugar

Start by muddling the sugar and cranberries in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with ice. Add the vodka and Midori. Pour cranberry juice until glass is full or to taste. The cranberries will bob around in the glass between the ice. Creepy fun. If you do not have a muddler you can use a spoon or pastry tamper.

I’d like to remind everyone to always make sure your location is secure before starting a game of strip Monopoly.


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