Geek Fashion Friday – The Top Coat

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As any Stark will tell you, Winter Is Coming, and before it gets here, you should be outfitted.  Luckily, Macy’s (of all overpriced places) has your back with some fine wool top coats from London Fog!  And relatively cheap!  I got mine there for around $80, but even when they’re not on sale (but really are, if you take my mall vernacular), you can snag one (but…y’know…don’t SNAG it!) for around $140!  And believe me, they’re worth a lot more than that just for the warmth alone, never mind how good they look! Be forewarned, however.  This is not a casual wear coat, and is quite warm.  Use it when you would wear gloves or a scarf.  Otherwise you might find yourself sweating to death in even the mildest weather.


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