Find That Film: Time After Time

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timeafterIn the fourth episode of Find That Film we tackle Nicholas Meyer‘s debut feature Time After Time. It stars Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen in a science-fiction crime-thrilling romance. You may have missed this film because it was only in theaters for a brief time. Released at the end of August in 1979, the movie features H.G. Wells as he follows his friend John Leslie Stevenson through time to stop his murderous spree. While in modern San Francisco, H.G. Wells enlists the help of local banker Amy Robbins.

Time After Time was nominated in eight categories at the Saturns and won for Writing, Music, and Best Actress for Steenburgen. It’s a fine film; teetering between lighthearted romance and tense murder chase. The use of the famous H.G. Wells’s time machine¬†gives it a great science fiction twist.


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