Hot Nerd Crush: Monica Bellucci

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Here’s a picture of Monica Bellucci. She’s so hot in it that I legitimately forgot what I was going to say about it.

Can you tell me a hotter woman who has been in as much nerdbait as Monica Bellucci?  Dracula, The Matrix Trilogy, SPECTRE?!  Whattya, kidding me?  No one should look that good at 50, and she does it flawlessly by not giving a jot of a care about what you think of her, and I think that’s what makes her magnificent.

When I was watching SPECTRE all I could think was that she was way out of James Bond’s league.  That bears repeating:  James Bond is not good enough for Mdme. Sciarra!  Never mind all the press that’s been making a big deal of her age.  Get a real job, already!  Most men aren’t good enough to be buried in Monica Bellucci’s backyard, let alone worry about a goddamn age difference!  Why don’t you call me when you have some real news.


Get offa her, Craig!  You lucky son of a bitch!

Get offa her, Craig! You lucky son of a bitch!

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