Hot Nerd Crush: Neil Gaiman

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You can't make me comb my hair. Many have tried and none of succeeded.

You can’t make me comb my hair. Many have tried and none of succeeded.

Neil Gaiman has a rather substantial following. We went to a local reading earlier this year and I swear you could hear men and women swooning the moment his foot touched the stage. I bet a few folks conceived that night. Rightly so. He has a wonderfully silky voice and a sharp wit to pair (I’ve read a few fanfics where he stars as Snape).

Why Neil Gaiman? It’s a silly question with an obvious answer: he’s done everything! Written for Doctor Who: check. Guest starred on a funny episode of The Simpsons: check. Created award winning graphic novels: check. One of the few non-JMS to script for Babylon 5: check. Writes books our children like: check. Writes books we like: check. Plus, he typically works on the scripts for his adaptations. He’s a busy father of four and husband to musical artist Amanda Palmer.

What do I recommend? For adults, I always say American Gods. For kids, hmm, I’d go with Odd and the Frost Giants and The Graveyard Book. All of his graphic novels are first rate and a can’t lose. While I don’t believe he has a huge hand in the upcoming TV show Lucifer, he did create the character. I enjoyed the pilot and look forward to watching as much of the series as FOX allows.

What does Neil recommend? I think mostly that depends on his current reading habits, but he does favor R.A. Lafferty.


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