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He Says:  A semi-qualified yes.  I usually enjoy Christmas-themed horror that isn’t Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (If it’s Garbage Day or not!), but I get the feeling that this will be more an attempt at comedy and less horror.  Which, if done right, can be great (see another of Adam Scott’s horror works Piranha 3D!), or, if done wrong, can end up being House II.  And I’ve done nothing to deserve that!  Also, I’m not certain who keeps putting Toni Colette in horror films, but please stop already.

She Says: I thought this movie was going to be a comedy romp. Some sort of slap stick night hanging out with Krampus. You have to admit, that cast list go definitely go that way. Then I saw the trailer. That got dark. I’ll give this a try anyway since Anime Man*, I mean Adam Scott, usually gives an even performance whether it’s camp or serious. I’m uncertain about Toni Colette. She is really hit or miss for me in horror/scary movies. I hope David Koechner has a gruesome death at the hands of the mighty Krampus.

Krampus (2015) opens December 4.


*Years ago I saw a picture of Adam Scott and believed he was an anime man come to life. His hair was fluffy and styled. His eyes seemed too big to be normal. It stuck. Every time I see him I imagine him fighting a mecha or Japanese ghost.

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