Hot Nerd Crush: Alison Brie

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Too...Much...Phoebe Cates...Flashback!

Too…Much…Phoebe Cates…Flashback!

I don’t think that I should really have to explain myself too much as to why Alison Brie is in the pantheon of the Hot Nerd Crush.  And sure, like everyone else, I loved her on Community, but where she really shined for me (albeit in a limited fashion) was on the later seasons of Mad Men.  Trudy was one of my least liked characters for her lily-livered, milquetoast ways…but then she had enough of her husband’s bullshit.  And just when she got interesting, the writers decided to focus on Pete instead. BOOOO!!!  But seriously, she was a strong

Trudy, Trudy, Trudy...

Trudy, Trudy, Trudy…

female character who stood by her beliefs in that show.  Not every female character on Mad Men can make the same claim.  Hell, MOST of them can’t.  They made her an ex-wife without making her a harpy, and still made it believable that she could make up with her husband without losing any power in the relationship.  And Alison Brie played her perfectly.  So, to Alison Brie…and the fact that I got all the way through writing this without mentioning boobies even once!


Aw, damn it!

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