Off The Shelf: DC Comics Holiday Specials

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Just look at how beautiful this art is!

Just look at how beautiful this art is!

Man!  I read a handful of these things the other day, and not only do I like Christmas again, I’ve fallen in love with DC again, too!  My favorite two tales from the holiday anthologies DC puts out every Christmas are both from the first issue (I know everyone would say the Holiday Bash issue from 2012, and while it’s entertaining, these are still my favorite).  One is Silent Knight, wherein Batman pursues a criminal dressed as Santa Claus who hide among others dressed the same (presumably as mall Santas, or Salvation Army Santas), dispenses justice, and then sits down to share some cookies with the remaining Santas!

But, my very favorite is the Doom Patrol story from the first issue which tells the story of how Beast Boy came to be adopted.  The art is gorgeous, and while I kind of hate to admit it, I did come to some tears over it.  I can’t recommend these enough because they’re just so damn fun, and really do fit the holiday.  Every story in them is a home run.  Find them and give them a read, and let the members of the Justice League fill your heart.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

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