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Eventually I’ll get around to making short lists or one-off posts about things you must buy. You must. The things are necessary for life, well, for the afternoon. I’m starting this feature by giving some geeks gift ideas. Get your clicking finger ready for plates

Book plates, cups, saucers, and platters are perfect for your librarian friend. But don’t stop there. Do you know anyone who hosts a book club? A tea party fiend? Go ahead and get the bubble wrap ready. The pieces range from $10 to $30. These are a must gift.

planet glassesEveryone likes to drink–I don’t just mean booze. Line up these planet glasses for your favorite spacey friend. Set aside $50 for the dazzling display. The eight planets are the same size, but the sun is larger and Pluto is smaller. It’s no longer messed up about Pluto.

teefuryCheck in at Tee Fury for their holiday specials. Geeks and dorks love wearing their obsessions on their chests. I know I do. Normally Tee Fury sells shirts for a limited time. Right now they have a selection of fan designed shirts still up for sale for about $20. Place a few fun tees in the Secret Santa pile and you may even get a fun shirt for yourself.

nightvalebookIt’s not a gift exchange if there are no books. The weirdest book to give right now is Welcome to Night Vale. It tells a strange, exciting, and memory boosting story about the odd denizens of Night Vale. If you listen to the podcast you’ll notice they allude to the events of the book. Frustrating! You have to give this to the obsessed listener on your list.

wwconverseLet’s see, food, drink, clothes, reading, um, what’s left? Feet! Who doesn’t love rockin’ a new pair of Chuck’s? There’s just something nostalgic about having the star on your ankle. Fancy converse are not cheap. Heck, regular converse aren’t cheap. If you can, drop $60 on these DC Comic character high tops. I bet your teen would love unwrapping these.

Here’s my first gift idea list. Use it as you see fit. After all, we don’t need a holiday or birthday for a reason to give something neat to someone else. Just do it because you want to see a smile.

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