Four Films: Alternative Christmas – Black Christmas (1974)



Horror?  For Christmas?  You’re damn right horror for Christmas!  Especially a slasher film with the magnificent pedigree that Black Christmas (1974) has!  Starring Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder and directed by Bob Clark.  Yeah.  THAT Bob Clark.  Go look up his connection to Christmas.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.  Yeah. I know what I’m talking about.

Anyways, I could write for days on why Black Christmas should be essential holiday viewing, but I won’t.  Especially since last year was my first time seeing it.  I was totally blown away by how damn creepy it was.  Stylistic for

Santa Claus really DOES see you when you're sleeping!

Santa Claus really DOES see you when you’re sleeping!

the Seventies, intelligent for a co-ed slasher flick, and a villain that will have you up late at night thinking about both his M.O., and his creepy phone calls.  This movie is ten times better than it has any right being, and it’s pretty damn good to start with!

So, turn out the lights…well, leave the Christmas tree lights on, make some popcorn, and for the love of GOD WILL SOMEONE CHECK AND SEE WHAT THAT IS IN THE WINDOW?!

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