Appointment Movies: Sisters

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He Says:  Who has the balls to open THIS mess on the same day as a new Star Wars movie?  That being said, I’m sure it will do just fine at the box office…eventually.  Still, I am not a fan of awkward comedy for the most part, and that seems to be the only type these two ladies are interested in playing around in.  I’ll be over at Star Wars anyways, but I wouldn’t see this if you paid me.

She Says: I’m not on the fence, but peaking through the slats. This looks like it could be funny after a couple of glasses of wine and a tub of ice cream. Awkward comedy doesn’t usually work for me. Sure, some uncomfortable tension is nice every now and then, but I have a line. These ladies are talented. They can be immensely funny. This isn’t what I want from them. I’ll probably get around to seeing it in January–if it’s still in theaters.

Sisters opens December 18…for reasons we can’t quite fathom.

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