Geek Fashion Friday: Holiday Ties

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Lets face it…you don’t want to wear a tie.  And, if you do, you probably want to wait for a special occasion to whip it out.  Hey, that’s okay.  The truth is the best time to wear a novelty tie is the Christmas season!  People love the damn things, anyway, and putting one on at Christmas just makes you look…well, FESTIVE!  So don’t shy away from it.  The tie in the picture above is one of my favorites.  So much so that I don’t wait for the holiday season to wear it.  A stag with silver antlers?  I’ll wear that any day of the week!  But I do love it at Christmas, and I will continue to wear it any chance I get.  That being said, Stafford doesn’t produce that particular bow tie anymore.  More’s the pity for you. They do offer plenty of other holiday bow ties, so get yourself down to a place that sells Stafford…okay, we all know that JC Penney is the only place that sells Stafford clothing, and get yourself a tie.  Look good, man!  Not just for yourself, but for the people around you who are tired of seeing your ugly neck completely unadorned!

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