Hot Nerd Crush: Bruce Boxleitner

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Yep, that’s the look, ladies. You remember.

Back in second grade I had a huge crush and it was the same one Mom had: Bruce Boxleitner. We never missed an episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. He was the boy-next-door version of Bond. I soon discovered nearly every woman in our neighborhood was in love with Bruce Boxleitner. Do you remember that MASH game; mansion, apartment, shack, house? All the girls in our addition decided to get our moms to play so we could find out who they thought was cute. We thought it would be hilarious. Every one of them chose Bruce for one of their three possible husbands. But not all of them were Scarecrow fans,oh no, quite a few preferred How the West Was Won.

TRON (2)

This exists. It is glorious!

I was lucky enough to meet Bruce at Dragon Con one year. I wanted to get an autograph for my mom. He was one of the nicest stars I’ve met. He took the time to talk to me about how to get Mom to watch Babylon 5 since she wasn’t as into scifi television as I was. It was great. Sadly, I missed meeting Jewel Staite because we talked for so long. Oh well.

I don’t think I need to spell out his nerd credentials for you, do I? Tron. Babylon 5. The Gambler TV movies — don’t you dare say an unkind word about this nation’s love of The Gambler and Billy Montana. She Spies (We all watched that show and Jack of All Trades. Admit it.) Heroes (questionable but not his fault). Two well received alien in the old west novels. And most importantly as Captain Awesome’s dad in Chuck. We’ve had several crushes appear on Chuck. Maybe it’s our Kevin Bacon.bruceb2

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