Backstage At The Bedroom

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This has been a rough month for the TwoGeeks, with employment sought, acquired, and reluctantly given up; several birthdays, several death anniversaries, and the goddamn holidays!  While we have tried to keep TwoGeeksInBed from being full of drama, this is a dramatic month for us.  You may have noticed that we have a dropped a couple of articles here and there, and I’m sorry to say that the main reason is that I have been quite ill, lately.  Now, not “never recover” ill, but somewhat debilitating.  Two emergency room visits and several prescriptions later, I still feel somewhat terrible, and I’m afraid until I get better, things may be slowed down here.

Not the podcast, of course.  We have recorded those beforehand.  But some of the day to day things you find here may be delayed.  Hopefully I’ll get back to turning those out soon.

Thank you for your patience…and support.

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