In Memoriam: The Sound Of Music

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My mother-in-law was the happiest, friendliest person I ever knew, and the loss of her last year around this time has hit particularly hard.  One of her favorite movies was The Sound of Music (though if you asked her honestly, her favorite stage musical was The Phantom of the Opera), and she was somewhat appalled to discover that I had never seen The Sound of Music from start to finish.  For her birthday this year I decided to sit down and watch The Sound of Music and I am supremely happy that I did.  Yes it’s overly optimistic and kind of saccharine, but so was Jolene, and honestly watching that movie was like sitting down and talking with her again.  But, I was happy to discover what a beautifully made sweeping film it was.  I would recommend it to anyone!

I’m going to attach one more video, and that’s because Jolene sang this song ALL the time.  It was the ringtone on my phone for her, so, for her, please watch this video.  It’s from Singin’ in the Rain. The truth is that my mother-in-law impacted my life quite a bit, so I sincerely doubt I’m done talking about her.  In the meantime, though…here’s Good Morning!

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