Hot Nerd Crush: Dolly Parton

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dollybwBack in 2002 I went on a road trip with my Mom. One of our stops included a night at the Grand Old Opry. Much to my mother’s delight, Dolly Parton made a surprise performance and brought my mother to tears with Coat of Many Colors. It was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

Dolly Parton has succeeded in damn near everything she’s attempted. She writes and sings music (here a Grammy, there a Grammy). She manged to make us laugh and cry with her acting (Oscar nominations). She’s written for Broadway (took our oldest to 9to5). She’s a successful author and collaborator. She runs multiple businesses (Dollywood!). She’s has philanthropic causes; the most amazing being the Imagination Library. I’m running out of room…can’t forget the Kennedy Center Honors.Dolly+Parton+Peter+Rabbit

How do you sum up someone as talented as Dolly? She is an amazing ball of energy and light. I posted a request for favorite Dolly song on my FB and had nine answers in less than ten minutes. That’s a lot for me. I don’t typically generate popular FB content, it’s not my thing. But mention Dolly and old classmates even jump in to the pool (admittedly we were music dorks). What was the consensus? There wasn’t one. She has such a wonderful songbook that everyone had a different pick. From I will Always Love You to Me & Little Andy to Lil Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place and more.

Dolly has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother shared a name with one of her songs so people have been singing it to us forever. My favorite version was my Dad at a talent show a few years back. As Dolly says, “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”

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