Hot Nerd Mancrush: Chris Hemsworth

The God of Thunder.  And Rodeo Drive.

The God of Thunder. And Rodeo Drive.

Chris Hemsworth was actually a Hot Nerd Mancrush back on the old ManWithPez site, but I think he’s worth a holdover, and not simply because every woman and girl in my family is in absolute love with him.  He’s a mancrush because every interaction he has with the public paints a picture of a loving husband and father and an all around goofball.  It would seem there isn’t a woman on the planet that could resist his charms.  Even my sister-in-law took a look once and said…and I quote: “I’m not really into…OH MY GOD, HIS ARMS!!!”

I think there should be an embargo against Australia sending over hot actors.  We should stop them.  Or at least get them to stop sending Hemsworths over.  It’s giving the rest of us muggles a complex, man.

In this case the hammer is his...hammer.

In this case the hammer is his…hammer.

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