Backstage At The Bedroom

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This has been both a hard year, and a hard holiday season for the both of us.  Continuing frustrations on employment seeking, illness, grief, separation from loved ones, etc.  In the interim, while we try to get things more organized and figure a few things out, we are taking a small holiday from TwoGeeksInBed.  We will return in one week with our regular articles, and, hopefully, a few new additions.  The Find That Film podcast will drop in it’s regularly scheduled slot, so that won’t be missed.  Otherwise, we are taking the next week to get things in order so that we may come back to the site with a better attitude about the whole thing.

We will return, better than ever, and hopefully launching a second podcast very soon.  Perhaps even more.  ThatWeirdGirl has big plans for this site.  Lets hope that her ego’s not writing checks her body can’t cash.

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