Appointment Movies: Jane Got A Gun

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He Says:  Shit yeah!  Bring it on!  A western with Ewan McGregor as the villain?!  All day, e’eryday, man!  I’ve kept an eye on this movie ever since it had early casting woes, but it looks like everything’s getting smoothed over just in time for an end of January release, and I’m more than happy to see folks getting a lead salad early in the year!

She Says: Westerns can be hard sell these days. I’ll take the chance and put this on my watch list. I gather it goes a bit like this: outlaw husband knows too much, wife asks old boyfriend for help, kid gets kidnapped, and people have to choose who to shoot. Sounds like a classic tale. I like the idea of Ewan being bad.

Jane Got A Gun opens on January 29th.  (International trailer shown simply because it was way better than the domestic trailer.)

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