Not Nerd Mancrush: Christian Kane

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Y'know...if DC ever needed someone to play Vigilante.  I'm just saying!

Y’know…if DC ever needed someone to play Vigilante. I’m just saying!

A good friend of mine once told me that she doesn’t lust after Christian Kane, but she does think about him an awful lot.  Hey, thinking stimulates the mind, I say.  If you have to think about someone an awful lot, you could do a lot worse than Christian Kane, a rough and tumble cowboy who likes to sing.  And kick ass.  And has an gorgeous mane of man hair from time to time.

He’s a Librarian, maintains Leverage, and has worked for the greatest evil law firm of all time.  What’s not to like?  I did mention he could sing, right?  Well, he managed to pull off a great performance during his original tenure on Angel (his character left town, but came back to see things through).  Not to mention singing on his other shows as well!  It’s almost like he could have a whole other career if he so desired!  But, I think, and I’m sure others will back me up here, that he’s doing just fine in his chosen profession(s).

12 comments on “Not Nerd Mancrush: Christian Kane

  1. Mary E Brewer

    #ProudToBeAKaniac and will defo back you up in that Christian Kane is doing just fine all of his many professions LOL.. I like to say ” he does it all and does it all well ” ♥ I’m an administrator of a facebook fan group for him.
    Christian Kane Vote & Promote. We fan promote Christian and any and all of his projects! Check us out if you
    wish! Thanks for sharing the Christian Kane Love! ♥

  2. Montserrat Martín

    Actor, singer, chef, easy on the eye, and they say he’s humble, down to earth and gives great hugs… what’s not to love about him? Best wishes and love from Catalonia #OrgullosaDeSerUnaKaniac #ProudToBeAKaniac

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  4. Beth Kredel

    I have a middle age woman crush and I’m proud to shout that out to the entire world! Have since the moment I discovered him! AND….. always will! I’m the first and he’s the second geek in bed! (Don’t I wish….lol)

  5. Barb

    The Kaniacs that I know are intelligent, compassionate and have high moral standards but when it comes to Christian Kane, we all melt. We eat, work and sleep this man. Most are married but we’re not dead. We all dream of the perfect man and CK is as close as we’ve found. We also have that “mother” instinct when it comes to Christian. We protect him everyday but also support his every endeavor and in return, he loves us back. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  6. Sharayah

    There is nothing not to love about Christian Kane. He is an amazing actor, fighter, singer, chef, and from what I can tell, just an all around amazing person! Funny too! He is also super hot, and that doesn’t hurt a bit! 😉

    Leverage was the best show on television, and I still watch it almost every day. Eliot Spencer is my favorite TV character of all-time. Anyone who hasn’t seen the show needs to go watch it, post-haste!

    Also, Christian has a couple of albums available for sale on his website, I especially love Welcome to My House, and I recommend it.

  7. Sunny King

    Can’t say enough good things about Christian Kane. He’s an amazing actor, a wonderful singer, a chef, and damn does he look good doing it all! On top of that he’s humble and, as far as I can tell, very sweet. He loves his Kaniacs and we love him!

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