Hot Nerd Crush: Charlie Cox

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The first time I remember seeing Charlie Cox was Stardust (great adult fairy tale, please read it). I thought he was adorable. He was a great Tristan. I started keeping an eye out for the kid. He has not disappointed.stardust

Charlie Cox has created a nice diverse resume. He’s worked as Ishmael in Moby Dick, Owen on Boardwalk Empire, Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice, and one of those Dukes on Downton Abbey. Most recently he has worn the mantle of Daredevil, Matt Murdock.charlie cox

If you weren’t one of the scores who watched Daredevil on Netflix then you missed a fantastic take on the character. Charlie did a great job of showing the exhaustion a non-superpowered person would suffer working as a vigilante. Plus, his fantastic turn led the way for the pickup of Jessica Jones, The Defenders, and more Jessica Jones (I’ll give that credit to Krysten Ritter). I’m looking forward to seeing more sympathetic, shirtless Charlie Cox.

He’s not adorable anymore.

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