Off The Shelf: Dead Man’s Hand

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Dead-Mans-Hand_cvr-220x329I wanted to love it.  I really did.  The truth is that no one picks up a book to read themselves thinking that they won’t like it.  But, man…was I ever wrong about Dead Man’s Hand.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty here to like or love.  There is.  It’s just that ten stories in, you’ve seen it all.  How many robots can we shoot?  How many grizzled bounty hunters can we see go after monsters they can’t possibly hope to beat?  There are flashes of brilliance here and there. “Stinger and Strangers” by Seanan McGuire is an absolute hoot, and I’d love to read more about the universe that has old west trappings with mercenary cryptozoologists and talking mice!  But it starts to wear thin quickly.  So much so that to an author, they almost ruin each other’s stories because they’re all so similar.

Just look for some of the stories separately here and I think you’ll be okay.  Unless you’re the kind of person that wants to read weird old west stories and nothing else.  In that case, we’re found your dream tome.  Have at it!

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