Geek Drink of the Week: Arrakis

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There are three things I think of when I remember Dune. The first is the mantra, “Fear is the mind killer.” Next I whisper, “The spice must flow.” The last thing is the water of life. I bet you think of three completely different Dune phrases, places, or things. I wanted to build a drink representative of this world, the story, or its people.Arrakis2

How do you make a mind killer or fear drink? I guess you could give someone a shot of tequila, jager, everclear, and a sharp stick. A drink like that would be unlikely to leave you standing or having conquered your fear. Since I have a phobia of ingesting blue food or drink1, the inky blue water of life would be hard for me to test. Plus, a type of alcohol and several drinks already have the name “Water of Life.” That leaves the flowing spice which smells like bitter cinnamon. If I consumed such a drink I would end up looking like a Guild Navigator…ick.

I fell back to my autumn drink solution: allspice dram. I know not everyone made a bottle when I posted the recipe. It’s quite possible you’ve grown tired of my reliance of the ingredient. It works here. It’s needed. Please check your local liquor store for allspice dram. What did I mix it with? I wanted to drink Arrakis. I wanted to feel like I was sinking into the drink. I pulled the Tres Leche2 triple cream liqueur out of the fridge. It can be hard to find this brand of cream liqueur, but do try.

Arrakis3That’s it. Just two ingredients this time.

2 oz Tres Leches (chilled)

1/2 oz allspice dram

Place a small or standard rocks glass on the counter. Pour in the Tres Leches. Add the dram. Ice is optional. Drink.


1When I was five I began going on annual hiking/camping trips in the Sierras with my grandfather. We lived off the land. How do you keep a curious little kid from accidentally poisoning themselves? One of his rules was to not eat anything blue. True blue. It’s ingrained now. Luckily, most natural food is actually purple or green, but blue candy, medicine, and alcohol haunt me.

2I do not know the availability of Tres Leches and have not tried this drink with any other type of cream liqueur. Neither have I tried it with a cinnamon schnapps.

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